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Posted on August 23 2021

The situation of health alarm and confinement that we are experiencing is complicated itself for the entire population, however, if we also live at home with a family member with cancer, an extra cause for concern is added.



Cancer affects all areas of the person. It affects the physical, psychological as well as social and family level. In this situation of confinement, it is more important than ever to take care of the caregiver, since they will be a fundamental support at home and will have greater responsibility, if possible, in the care of the patient.


Now that we cannot go out, it is equally or even more important to prepare a specific area in the house for:

  • Rest 
  • Read
  • Paint 
  • Knit
  • Do some pleasant distraction activity


It is also important for the caregiver to maintain physical exercise routines that help generate endorphins and to take care of their diet.

Another aspect to highlight for the patient, in order to keep fear at healthy levels, is to practice simple relaxation exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing or Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation.

On the Internet it is very easy to find exercises of this type adapted even to the functional limitations that oncological treatments can cause.

The use of humor is also one of the best recommendations. Laughter can be a good antidote to fear. The funny messages that arrive on the Internet are a good way to see insignificant things and to take a healthy distance from ourselves, at the same time that we release tensions. With a certain dose of humor, even this unprecedented situation of health alarm can be better handled.



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