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 Foot Pain Cream

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Mary L

I have been battling stasis dermatitis on my leg for a year and have tried every cream and ointment including prescription products. I was skeptical but gave this a try. It really helped! It feels cool on the skin and relieves the constant itching. I use this twice a day, once along with a prescription cream and my dermatitis cleared up in less than a week! I Very happy with this product.

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I got this for my husband neuropathy in his feet. He has had this for years and nothing the doctor has given him has helped. This give him a lot of relief. It doesn't get rid of all the pain, but it's a big improvement. I'll be ordering another jar soon. He's about to run out.

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I saw this advertised and bought it because of substantial pain in my feet due to neuropathy. I also have pain in my upper thigh and this cream works on both. I put some on my fingertips and rub in in thoroughly and for some reason, I just don't have the pain that I had. It's been a real blessing. I recently bought two more jars and sent one to my best friend in another state.

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Badd Betty

I could not live without this product. I have neuropathy and it allows me to be pain free and sleep at night.

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Mary Ann K

My husband uses this cream for his restless leg syndrome at night. Does not take long before he starts to feel the calming effects!

 Sleep Ezze

Oncology cream with botanicals

Julie Bell

My daughter is using this for her radiation burns and sings its praises even on the raw skin areas. Healing is happening and she is using a lot of it. Recommend the 3 jar purchase as the burns require a lot of attention.


Love this cream!! Using this for post radiation burns on my breast & armpit lymph node area & it has helped tremendously! First of all, I started using this in the start of my 3rd of 4 weeks of radiation therapy & my skin was burned, but not as bad as it got after my 4th & final weeks & after. The cooling effect & ease of the cream has been really helpful & easy, especially on battered & blistered skin. Truly a little goes a long way, you really don't need much of this which I can appreciate as prior to this I was using a calendula cream that was more like a paste that tugged on application & needed quite a bit just to cover my breast & armpit area.This cream will last quite a while & wish I'd found it prior to starting radiation. It smells a little minty, which does aid in the cooling application, it easily spreads & doesn't tug at the skin & lasts on the skin quite a while, which keeps my skin moisturized, which I love. This jar could easily last several applications per day for 4+ weeks of radiation therapy & I'd highly recommend getting it.

La-Drenthea J

I don’t know what sorcery is in this jar. I bought based on a blog from a cancer survivor. After chemo, my feet and legs were on fire and this soothes them so much. I’m getting the bigger jar next time. Would be an unexpected but very appreciated gift for anyone with health needs.


Just purchased my 6th jar of this cream, very soothing for the effects of radiation heated skin, helps with itching also, applies smoothly to sore skin, feels cold going on but is well worth it, can feel the heat being treated right away after application, very soothing and calming to radiation treated skin, will be buying more to help soothe and heal my skin from radiation treatments, it was approved by my Radiation Dr.

J. A. K.

I purchased this cream because my radiation treatment was making my skin sore and red. The ingredients are the same as the one recommended by my radiation oncologist, and it is much less expensive. And it does the trick.

Foot Scrub

Oncology Lip Balm

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Betty Boop

I've always suffered from dry peeling lips. Now that I'm under chemo it's gotten worse. I've tried thru the years every kind of lip balm out there & nothing ever helped. In fact, some of them actually made my lips peel more! The Phys + Assist Oncology Lip Balm is a God send. I not only felt instant relief but it continues to work even after eating or drinking. I also noticed that unlike the other lip balms with the Oncology lip balm I don't have to constantly re-apply it. First time in a long time I've woken up with soft lips! Thank you for this wonderful product.!

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Firstly, I was happy that my product arrived 5 days earlier than originally stated. Secondly, I bought this for a family member undergoing chemo who's suffering from hand/foot syndrome. They said that they immediately felt some relief. My only regret is that I didn't discover this sooner. Thank you so much!

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Hilary L. S.

Good quality and works quite well. Would order again.

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I’m undergoing chemo, lips get very dry, using this product has kept them from cracking

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My husband likes this balm most of all!

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